Maybe due to the influx of new singers in the music business and how their music are so popular nowadays, old singers and their music are slowly forgotten. Because, we care about music, we realize that we should keep their legacy alive. That’s why we created this website to provide information about the legendary singers in the past era.

We are a group of friends who love music so much whatever genre of songs it may be. We have a collection of albums from the 70’s up to the present that are stored in our mini library that we personally built. Eventually, we decided to make it a small cafe and play our collection of songs for the customers that like to have coffee and chat in our cafĂ©. Then we came up with the idea to introduce this amazing singer to the new generation because of her wonderful music.

Due to our passion in music and dedication to pursue our goals, we finally made it through this far. We are now in our 3rd year as a reliable and trusted site in giving you the facts about music icons in the industry. We have a lot of followers and readers who are loyal and who have trusted us for years. Because of them, we are doing our very best to bring you wonderful music.

We hope you will continue to support us and tell everyone that there are legendary singers that once creates and shared their good music with us. They have a lot of contributions to the music industry and do not deserve to be forgotten. One of them is our featured artist for the week, Meryn Cadell, a singer with a quirky voice who mixed music and poetry in her singing career.

We hope we’ve realized our mission. Our website is updated weekly, so we are looking forward to your next visit here. Thank you and see you next week.