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Answer: Absolutely. Everything we have here are true and correct. We research everything about your favorite music artists. If you find something wrong in our articles, you can immediately send us an email to correct our mistakes. We will be happy if you help us out.

Answer: Unfortunately, no. We cannot do that as we are not legitimate sellers of Albums. But, we are suggesting some legitimate stores for you to buy. And credible Music Applications from where you can download the music.

Answer: So far, we only feature old artists because the mission of this website is to know the true story about them and to ensure that their contribution to the music industry is not forgotten. For now, we don’t have any plans to do that but we will discuss it as you open this topic to us. We will inform everybody on the result of our future plans.

Answer: For now, yes are sure to be very active for the readers and followers of this website. But of course, that’s as long as you support us no matter what.