Let’s Meet Meryn Cadell

Meryn Cadell released an album in 1991 called Angel Food For Thought. The Sweater is an extra=ordinary hit single that came out from that album and the video was aired regularly on various music sites. This is not your usual hit, as it’s a monologue overlaid on top of a beat song, but it worked.

I really never knew who Meryn Cadell is until I read an article about her. I got curious about her music and life story. So, I decided to listen to her songs and it got me excited to feature her in our website. Her quirky and humorous voice got me hooked. I just love her songs right after I listen to it. Meryn Cadell is a popular singer-songwriter across Canada. Meryn Cadell publicly came out as transgendered and now lives comfortably as a man.

He decided to retire in his singing career from the music industry for some reason after releasing his album 6 Blocks as an independent label. Although he had already been out to his friends and family for a few years Meryn Cadell finally came out publicly as a transgender. That was aired on a radio program and another program aired on the month of October, year 2004. She is now an assistant professor at UBC.

We can finally hear her first album Angel Food for Thought where her hit song The Sweater is included. The version that is now being re-released includes bonus tracks, lyrics, and videos for The Sweater. It is available only and can be ordered through Bongo Beat. The songs can be downloaded and will be available on a music app. Her previous albums Bombazine and 6 blocks are also available on the music app, as well.

I hope you can listen to her song too, the kind of genre that is unique and amazing.